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The new netiquette

A glimpse at my Twitter feed recently is fairly typical of the day’s fare. These five tweets appeared consecutively:

Jon Winokur ‏@AdviceToWriters 2m
Writing Is Like a Contact Sport: http://www.advicetowriters.com/home/2013/4/27/writing-is-like-a-contact-sport.html #amwriting #writing #writetip Reply Retweet Favorite More

Indie Author Success ‏@IndAuthorSucess 9m
Helping Indie authors promote and market their hard work http://www.iasfreekindlebooks.com  and we RT indies who follow us cause we love U RT Retweeted by Lynne Constantine

Jan Moran ‏@janmoran 8m
#RT vconstantine2 Love, deceit. betrayal – “Circle Dance” http://bit.ly/Y0JzzU  #interview #WLCAuthor Retweeted by Lynne Constantine

Susanne Lakin ‏@CSLakin 6m
New! THE CRYSTAL SCEPTER “Captures the imagination with a wonderful story of adventure” http://goo.gl/X9EHd  #fantasy #fiction #yalit #YA
Reply Retweet Favorite More

Paul Dorset ‏@jcx27 8m
Now FREE on Amazon – RYANN – http://bit.ly/12ezpmO  – YA Fantasy @maszq @thesweetmom @treysat @RobertPetelinek
Retweeted by Lynne Constantine

With a combination of useful links to relevant sites, re-tweets of good reviews and gratis giveaways, this a how many authors engage in social media.

BOOT-CAMP-TPB-BLK1-140x215Of course, no writer would consider standing on the corner of the street and shouting ‘buy my book’ at passers-by. The same applies (or should do) to Twitter. But, as the novelist Kate Harrison explains, it is quite easy to send out a volley of tweets that simply backfire.

160_A_CORNISH_AFFAIRThe romantic writer and social media trainer, Liz Fenwick, devised a sophisticated campaign to engage readers in her latest novel.

Once upon a time, traditional bookshops and newspaper reviewers seemed to hold up a funnel, with all the available novels pouring into the top and a manageable, curated few trickling out of the bottom onto the shelves. Now, Twitter overturns this funnel, so that all the links to new books and aspiring writers and apposite blogs are re-tweeted and re-hashed into a tidal flow that washes away potential readers in the deluge.

What readers – and writers – want, says JJ Marsh from the Alliance of Independent Authors, is some good old-fashioned credibility.

In the next blog, I find out how today’s romance writers use social media.


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