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One tweet = one sale?

One tweet, one sale? It doesn’t quite work like that.

For this post, I asked two media-savvy authors to recommend ways to socially network with confidence.

Author and social media trainer, Liz Fenwick, says successful writers don’t set out to market their books – they market themselves as a brand.

We don’t expect a horror writer to turn their hand to romance and, similarly, someone who fires out pithy tweets may not be comfortable sharing themselves on a blog. The self-published writer JJ Marsh says the most successful social networkers find a niche where they can thrive.

One writer who certainly flourished in her online niche, is Kelly Oxford who made a ‘zero to hero’-style rise to stardom on Twitter. She raised her discoverability level to unmissable after building up a following of over half a million fans with her witty and satirical tweets. That kind of public presence – and sheer chutzpah – is hard for publishers to ignore: this year Oxford releases her first book and has sold a screenplay to Warner Bros.

The Kelly Oxford story illustrates Liz Fenwick’s point that content is king, though social media experts warn against getting too starry-eyed about the power of the internet: in fact, Oxford’s ‘overnight success’ started with her first blog in 2002 and comes after three years of determined tweeting. And that illustrates Fenwick’s other point: that writers need patience, creativity, mettle and more patience to get on online.

In the next and final post: the top 5 lessons I learnt from this research.


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