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What can trad-published writers learn from indie authors?

“It’s a bit like saying ‘can unknown runners teach pro runners about running?’. For the most part, no. But if you’re talking about the Tarahumara, then probably yes” – Nick Harkaway. Continue reading


The new netiquette

One upon a time, traditional bookshops and newspaper reviewers seemed to hold up a funnel, with all the available novels pouring into the top and a manageable, curated few trickling out of the bottom onto the shelves. Now, Twitter overturns this funnel, so that all the links to new books and aspiring writers and apposite blogs are re-tweeted and re-hashed into a tidal flow that washes away potential readers in the deluge. What readers – and writers – want, says JJ Marsh from the Alliance of Independent Authors, is some good old-fashioned credibility. Continue reading